Key Chains
Antique Tobacco Stick Key Chain
Chestnut Key Chain - Thumbnail
These Key Chains are made from Chestnut tobacco sticks cut over a 100 years ago and used on a Tennessee farm ever since. These are a piece of American History. Like our Tobacco Stick walking sticks, antique chestnut may be the only way to get anything made of chestnut. You may have your initials burned into these or wait till you get them and put your own mark on it.
Wood Key Chains


   Single - $1.25
   3-Pack - $3
   6-Pack - $5

Red Cedar Key Chain

Cedar Key Chain - Thumbnail
Red cedar is not only one of the most aromatic woods, it is also very beautiful and durable. That beautiful old cedar chest of your grandmother's that you have admired since you were young is likely made of good old American Red Cedar. These key chains will keep your purse of pockets smelling fresh.
Leather Key Chains

   Single - $2.50
   3-Pack - $5
   6-Pack - $8

Leather Style:
   Antique Brown
   Oxblood Red

Leather Key Chain

Leather Key Chain - Thumbnail
Our leather key chains are just like out other fine hand crafted leather products. You may have them rendered with a design (see our Design Catalog) and/or have your initials or short nickname. They are available in the same leather finishes as belts, wallets, etc.